12 Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Design Elements

Farmhouse kitchens embody an enduring style that not only looks good in actual farmhouses, but all kinds of homes. Imagine a warm design that “takes comfortable classics and elevates them in a new way,” says IKEA Senior Interior Design Leader Viola Mushkudiani. The style’s eclectic spirit means vintage or antique items and brand-new finds feel equally at home here, so you can store Grandma’s serving bowls next to a new kettle without disrupting the look. The trick is tying it all together with natural materials finished with bold displays of your multifaceted style.

“Classic American farmhouse style includes shiplap, exposed wood beams, and open shelving,” Mushkudiani says. “Mixed materials like wicker, wood, and metal accents add dimension, [and] colors are predominantly neutral: camel, white, and matte black.”

Equal parts form and function, farmhouse-inspired is a great way to go for a kitchen renovation if you love “soft fabrics, warm exposed wood, neutral colors, and simple lines,” says Mushkudiani.

While the style is easy to fine-tune, it should be low maintenance and sturdy. There are a few essential hallmarks that really hold this aesthetic together. Luckily, IKEA has everything you need, and then some, to establish that coveted eclectic farmhouse look.



The star: an apron sink

The most iconic piece of a farmhouse kitchen…

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