10 Arts And Crafts You Can Do At Home With Your Dog

(Picture Credit: Ivan Pantic/Getty Images)

We love getting outside with our dogs, but sometimes we have to find a few indoor activities for a rainy day. Dog-themed, DIY arts and crafts can give us something to do, and we get to keep our fun tributes to our best furry buddies!

If you’ve found yourself with more time at home lately, or you’re just wondering how to pay proper homage to the most important creature in your life, then we’ve got some suggestions for you.

You and your dog can explore your crafty side with these ten easy DIY art projects, all from the comfort of your own home.

1. Paw Print Ornament Or Paperweight

Leia's paw print

Leia’s paw print (Picture Credit: Amanda)

A paw print ornament can make a fantastic holiday gift for people who love your dog, as well as a great keepsake for yourself. It could also be a nice charm to hang, or you could skip the hole-punch step and leave it intact as a paperweight.

There are kits you can buy, like I did to make the ornament you see above of my dog Leia’s paw print, or you can use a simple DIY recipe and even add glitter to decorate it and define the paw print better.

My favorite guide for getting this project started is from DogVills, and you can find it here! I love this guide so much that I think I’ll try it for myself and make more ornaments!

It can be a little tricky to get good definition, so make sure that your pooch’s paw isn’t tipped to one side and that you press firmly into the dough.

Leia was a pretty good sport about…

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