Can The Right Home Decor Make You Happier?

happiness and decor

Happiness and Home decor

This article “Can The Right Home Decor Make You Happier? A Design Psychologist Explains” caught our attention because we had never asked or even thought of such a question before.

The quick answer to this question is a “YES” and the reason is in the “COLORS and furniture arrangement”

We take it that we will always be happy with the home decor we put up, since it is our likes and styles that will be reflected in the home decor. Anyway to make things short, the answer given by the article to the question is a yes. The “secret” is in the colors and the arrangement of furnishings. Apparently this is backed by science.


For maximum effectiveness, you must have the right colors in the home decor. The right type depends on what you want to achieve or the type of goals we go for. Are we going for productivity, or happiness or calmness.

Thus depending what we go for, our home decor will reflect that goal. For example if we want to be productive, the article recommended some thing green and quoting the article:

The color green has been shown to rev up creative thinking, so the ideal workspace would feature plenty of plants and have relatively few distractions. According to one study, millennials are more likely than older generations to associate green with energy and vitality (33 percent vs. 24 percent of gen-xers and boomers), while baby boomers are more likely to associate it with calmness.

On the other hand if we go for comfort, it is recommended that, and quoting from the article:

The style and positioning of your furniture and accessories also play a crucial role in your space. People often find spaces more comfortable when they feature more curved elements than straight ones…

Now coming to our favorite part, that is if you want to boost happiness at home, then the article mentioned the use of blue color as part of the decoration plan. Why blue? This may be answered by quoting from the article itself:

If you want to create a joyful space, try working shades of blue whenever possible. If you ask people from all parts of the world what their favorite color is, more are likely to say blue than any other shade. In fact, in America, 62 percent of people polled named blue as a favorite color. Researchers think this may be because in our early days, we developed a special affinity for things like the blue skies of clear weather and the blues of water seen from a distance.

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Source: How To Decorate Your Home For Joy, According To Science – mindbodygreen