Top 10 Home Decoration Trends of 2017


Are you intending to decorate your house in 2017? If you are then it may benefit you to know the up coming home decor  trends in interior design before hand. What will be the trends in house decoration in 2017?.  Well editor-in-chief Beth Hitchcock and interiors director Meg Crossley of HouseandHomes,com revealed the top 10 trends in 2017. The trends are:

Top 10 Home Decor Trends, 2017

1) Mirrored Coffee Tables – This furniture reminds me of the movie “Now You See Me”. When used it blends in with the space. Nevertheless with its minimalist and modern design, it looks great.


2) Iridescence – Enjoy the splash of rainbow hue in your house.

Iridescent decor

3)The Interrupted Floor – What better way of showing threshold or transitioning from one area into another by using the interrupted floor pattern.


4) Penny-Round Tile – Getting popular not only for floors but on walls as well. A fresh change from the standard subway tiles.


5) Open-Ended Islands – The shelves allow storage or for displaying your favorite things


6) French Blue – This color getting trendy as it invokes romance and also looks good in certain room settings.

French Blue

7) The NEW Slipper Chair – We think the “NEW” part is because of redesigned of the chair with new proportion.

slipper chairs

8) Moody Murals – A great decoration idea for backdrops or on plain walls. The good thing is that they are not permanent and can be changed when required.


9) High Country – An upscale take of the country decoration style.


10) Nomadic Modern – A fusion of decoration styles from bohemian, exotic to tribal.


There you have it, the top 10 design trends to consider for your home decoration style in 2017. The above article had used the video below as a reference source. You can watch the video below. It is presented by editor-in-chief Beth Hitchcock and interiors director Meg Crossley of