Timeless Halloween Costume Ideas for Everyone

Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are fun and inexpensive to create. Most materials used to make costumes can be found in your home or at the store near you. Here are 4 Halloween costume ideas to assist you to make your own costume this year.

1. Pirate Halloween Costume ideas
Pirates are one of the rare characters that are not interesting but also frightening. In order to make a perfect costume, consider Jack Sparrow, a popular actor in the Pirates of Caribbean movie and pay attention to the hairstyle, red bandana/hat, and facial hair. When it comes to the facial hair it is brilliant to braid your hair into dreadlocks and grow your beard. If you don’t have long hair consider purchasing artificial dreadlocks.
Other things that will make the costume more realistic include black or brown pants, older shirts, jewelry with skulls, hook hand, huge black boots, and a wide belt.

2. Vampire Diaries
Vampire Diaries movie could also give you amazing Halloween costume ideas to explore. For instance, if you have ever dressed up as an evil vampire in the previous Halloween celebrations, consider putting on a southern belle costume as worn by the dashing Katherine Pierce in the series (for ladies). The southern belle costume includes a picture frame hat, long dress, sash and attached hoop. For men, you can paint your lips and face pale or wear a dark color pant or jacket.

3. Witch/warlock
Witch/warlock costume has been used countless times on stages, TV and in life. There are many inspirations to select from. Women can borrow an idea from the Harry Potter series or any horror movie to create a scary or an alluring (or both) costume. They can also choose to compliment the costume by adding a belt or a pleat. Guys, on the other hand, can create a pleasant touch to a warlock Halloween costume idea by integrating contemporary culture elements like hipster beard to their looks.

4. Children’s Halloween Costume ideas
Watching your kids play is awesome. For Halloween, you can create costumes that look like their favorite actors and musicians. It is given that they will enjoy putting on costumes that resemble comic super heroes like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Shrek and Toy Story. You can also take examples from Harry Potter; children are fascinated by magic, witchcraft and casting spells.

Ghost costumes are perfect unisex costumes that have been used since time immemorial. The good thing is that these costumes come in numerous shapes and styles so your child will definitely look unique if you decide to go that route.

Wrapping your child in bandages or torn old bed sheet is a simple way to make a real mummy costume without spending much. In order to make the bed sheet look older or even scarier stain it with tea leaves.

Other traditional Halloween costume ideas include Jack-o Lantern, Batman, and skeletons.

It is crystal clear that putting a costume together is very simple, browse online for more Halloween costume ideas. Use your creativity and imagination as this makes costume unique, personalized and truly yours.