The tiny light that can; an INSSTRO C1 RGB LED review

Light – the most important thing in photography.  Without it, we have nothing but darkness.  Some of us like to capture and bend the natural light to our needs. While others love to craft a scene with artificial lights.

If you love adding in your own light then its a nice time to be a photographer.  Lights are getting smaller, more complex and often include their own power.   Freeing us from wires and bringing more creative freedom.

My second RGB capable LED was the INSSTRO C1, and this is what I’ll talk about today.

My first RGB capable light, in case you wonder, was the small Lumiee LED wristbands. They have honestly been one of the most fun creative additions to my lighting kit in recent years, allowing me to capture images like this one.

The INSSTRO C1 is a compact Bi-Color + RGB led light. It offers high-quality tungsten to daylight output.  Along with just about any color of the rainbow you could want.  Combine that with the built-in 2200mha battery and you have a versatile little unit for photo and video production.

Build, and specs

Inside the box, you will see the C1 LED light, a USB-C cable to charge the device, along with a cold shoe attachment for mounting onto a camera.  Lastly, a little pouch that has a belt loop and carabiner to carry it all.

The C1 weighs in at just 210g, it appears to be constructed of one-piece aluminum with a premium feel. It is roughly the size of an iPhone 6s at 70mm wide, 120mm long or just slightly larger than a Sigma…

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