Space themed Home Decoration – How To

Kaleen Astronomy Gamma Graphite Rug

There are many themes one can select to decorate. One such theme is Space ( Outer space). You could decorate a  bedroom or even the whole living room if one is a fan of the theme. In-fact it could decorate any space you wish.

Ideas are many, one just need to drop by Pinterest to get ideas. But space theme is not a difficult one because there are so many ways to decorate a space theme.

Lets start with the walls, well one can put posters or photos of space related items. Nasa puts out space photos daily, they are taken by Hubble telescope and these photos, can be printed out at home and framed.

If not one may prefer to buy professional printed poster. Or one can go for tapestry. They are easy to put up and removed if required. One such tapestry is shown on the left with a nebula image.

Then have fairy lights around the tapestry for an even more space out effects.The blinking ones many even look like stars when switched on at night. This will surely create a cozy and warmth feeling for the area..
A Large tapestry can also easily transformed a large blank wall instantly. So it saves you the headache if you have a large blank wall. Furthermore tapestry could be change easily if you need to put up a new one. They can also be easily clean and kept it not used. To find out more of the nebula tapestry, just click on the image above.

And off-course don’t forget you can use artwork of space too if you are looking for alternatives to tapestry. They bring the vast expanse of the universe right into your living room. It could also be the center of attraction for your visitors to admire.

In addition for your sofas, you can have throw pillows (space themed) on the sofas. Then for the shelves or cabinets one can display miniature telescopes or astronomy themed items. Presented below are examples of pillow covers which can add outer space element which can utilized to add the space theme through the sofas or furnishing..
This time piece the Boyan Led Alarm Clock of Solar System Astronomy Design can also be used. You can have such items or space related accessories to your cabinets or cupboard tops

Amazingly, we can also decorate the floor with space themed by using carpets. These are mostly carpets with geometrical patterns giving the room its unique styles and elegant. Examples of such carpets are presented below.

Kaleen Astronomy Gamma Graphite RugCarpets add another element of coziness to the place where it is used. Just feeling the warmth below your feet on a cold day makes it worth it to have it instead of the cold hard wood or tiles. Just check the two links below for the carpet details.They are related to space themed elements. The Karma graphite are dark bold rings that stands out
While the Galileo one has a more subdue patterns.
Right, there you have it. A simple way to decorate your home space themed style. Feel free to share your ideas in your comments below.