A Simple Window Treatment with Lace and Cornflour



The great thing about a large window is it allows natural light into the home but what if there is a need for some privacy especially if the windows is in the bedroom or an apartment.

Using shutter or curtains will block the light, so we came across a simple solution to this. It is the use of just corn starch and Lace.

Getting this done starts with mixing corn starch to the right consistency. Then apply the corn starch on the window panes followed by the lace and more corn starch. Then let it dry and repeats the steps for the other areas.


Applying the lace and more cornstarch.


Here is a close up of how it looks like when done.


Now you will get your privacy and a great looking window with a touch of style. Furthermore removing them is easy, just use warm water and the whole thing will come out easily. So this is great if you want it just temporary or for people who rent.

More details of this project below. In-fact Annabel had an update at her site to show how easily to removed this too.

Source: Lace window treatment with cornflour | Annabel Vita