Rock Your Walls With These Wall Decoration Ideas

Floral wall decal

If you have a blank wall in the house you might want to decorate it to transform it into something cozy and warmth. Any blank wall is an invitation to put your creativity in decoration into action.

However before you start you may wish to consider these factors in deciding what types of decorative items to use. These factors are :

  1. Weight – Light weight items are prefer as it is easy to be supported.
  2. Function – Do the items make a statement, style or specific function like a mirror for reflecting natural light.
  3. Collection – Can the decorating items be display singly or collectively if required.
  4. Removable – Can the items be easily removed if so desired.

By taking into the above factors, below are some items suggested for you to consider. You can mix and match them to come up with the wall decoration that suit your mood or styles.

# Hanging Plants with Geometric Hanging Planter Pots


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Make use of succulent plants that are suitable for indoors. Plant them in geometric shaped planters. Select planters that are light weight so that they can be hung on walls. They add a nice modern touch to any areas. Planters can be placed individually, in clusters or in groups. They give you a stylish look and you can change their arrangement any time according to your mood.

# Framed Mirrors


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Place a framed mirror onto a plain blank wall. As we know, mirrors reflect natural light and this can make any small space seems larger. They can add statement to the space where they are placed too. If you want a bit of glamour and style go for metallic gold colors for the frame like the gold Sun Flair Mirror above.

# Wall Decals

Floral wall decal

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The use of wall decals is often overlooked for wall decoration. However they are an effective way of decorating any walls and using them can instantly transformed the wall. They come in many designs from floras to geometric. Most are made up of vinyl making them durable and water proof. The wonderful thing about decals is they are removable. Thus the decoration on the walls if using decals are only temporary and you can remove them if you move or would like to change to a new design.

# Woven Wall Hangings

Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry

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A quick way to infuse a vibrant bohemian theme to any room is the use of woven wall hangings like the macrame woven wall hanging tapestry in the above photo. These are either weaved from cotton or wool. They can be dyed into various colors or just plain white. They are light weight making them suitable for hanging. To decorate your walls with them, it can be just using a single one or a group of them.

So lets get going and make your wall decoration rocks.Turn your walls into a center of attraction, impressing your visitors. Let it be a conversation starter. Happy decorating.