Porch Christmas Decoration Using Christmas Lanterns.

Christmas lantern

Decorating the porch this Christmas is a great way to make your visitors feel welcomed. One way of doing this is to use Christmas lanterns. Here are 3 ideas that we came across and we hope they can give you some ideas of how to decorate your porch.

The first idea is shown below. Just remove the contents of the lanterns and fill them with a mixed variety of Christmas ornaments. They make a contrasting display and as well as adding the Christmas ambience to your porch.

Here is idea 2, in addition to the ornaments, Christmas lights are added into the lantern.

Here is idea 3, where the lantern is decorated with greens and candles.

Here is idea 4, where the lanterns are spruced up with a dash of white paint. Even though the photo shows that they are in the interior, they can be placed at the porch too.

And finally idea no 5.

These ideas are found in the source below.


Source: Dimples and Tangles: CHRISTMAS | Dustin and Krystle

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