7 Simple and Fun Halloween Crafts To Make in 2017

There are different Halloween craft activities that are simple and fun for the whole family. They can create vampires, ghosts, zombies, bats, and other creepy things and when they are done they can use what they have made to decorate their homes. They can also make edible crafts that can…


7 DIY Fall Decor Ideas using Nature

Fall season is here again and for home decoration to reflect this change what better way than to use nature itself. You can use branches, leaves and flowers. Warm colors will be the the tone to reflect the warm colors of fall. Below are 7 ideas of fall decoration ideas…


A Simple DIY Craft – Button Owl Art

When I was a kid, I remembered how my art teacher would asked us to use buttons for the art work we did. Just using glue, we were shown how to glue the buttons into some some colorful shapes. This button owl art reminded me of such fun times. In…


A simple DIY Concrete and Glass Vase

This diy craft, you will need to have a glass bottle and cement powder. First you will need to make a molding for the cement by using paper. Once molding is in place, mix the cement and water well. Then pour into the molding and let it dry.


5 Low Budget DIY Home Décor Ideas

Decorating your house does not have to cost a lot and whether it is year round décor or decorations for a special event or holiday, there is a wide selection of affordable DIY home décor crafts that will add that special something to your home. Thus this does away the…

10 plants that purify the air

10 Plants for Bedroom Decoration and Helping You to Sleep Better Too

All of us, one time or the other had our share of sleepless nights. Those are the nights when we turned and tossed in bed all night, feeling restless and unable to sleep. Prolong insufficient sleep can be bad for health. If affects us in every aspects – from mood,…

Pebble like rug

Amazing looking “Pebble”Rug

You will be surprise that this rug is not made of river stones pebbles but made of wool! What a surprise isn’t it? Thus the resulting rug is soft and cozy and at the same time presenting a pebble like appearance that is great for decorating around the home. Find…

Photos in Mason Jar

Displaying Pictures using Mason Jars

Here is another simple project of displaying photographs or any other pictures. It is best the picture is in black and white. This gives it the vintage feel and look. Earlier we had posted a similar project in which we share how to display photographs using letter wooden blocks.The post…


Simple DIY Family Memory Letter Blocks

Today we came across a unique way of displaying family photos through letter blocks. It is an easy project to do and in no time you will have some amazing looking family memorabilia. Here is briefly how to do it. First of all decide on the word to use. Then…