Things You Can Make From Cardboard

Next time if you have cardboard, don’t throw them away. Cardboard has many uses. As a fact, people had created all sorts of stuffs from the humble cardboard. Furthermore, the tools required are not sophisticated. They are simple tools like ruler and cutters. You need tapes or glue to hold…

Wind Spinner from Beads

DIY Wind Spinner Using Perler Beads

Awesome looking DIY wind spinner using Perler beads. Make a couple and hang them in your porch, windows or trees in the yard. Using the beads made them attractive and colorful. They are like kinetic art where they will spin in the breeze or wind. Here are the types of…

Amazon Interesting Find “Interesting Finds” Feature

We don’t know when Amazon came out with this Interesting Find feature but after having fiddling with it for a while, we found that it is a great feature. Glad that had this.See some of the products found below. TRY INTERESTING FINDS – CLICK HERE Using it is easy….


Home Decoration Items Under $10 in

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no more boring walls

No More Blank Boring Walls With These 5 Simple Ideas

Have blank walls in the house that look blank, boring and the room uninteresting. Well we got some ideas of how to tackle this problem. We went to and managed to find some interesting deals of art work prints, unique picture frames that can instantly transformed that boring wall…


Creative Uses of The Humble Adhesive Tape

Creative uses for the humble adhesive tape. A number of creative uses presented here, but we like the 1st one, that’s great for knowing how deep to drill for installing screws. The last one is unique in a diy decal. Could be useful for those doing scale models too. Anyway…


DIY Paper Craft – Flower Pop up Card

Valentine’s day may be over but this pop up card with flower inside is simply amazing. Ever thought we came across it late but it is worth to include in this blog. This idea can be used for other occasion too. It need nod be just for Valentine’s day. Enjoy…

52 Week Money Challenge

Money Saving Challenge For 52 Weeks, 2018

If your 2018 new year resolution is saving money, here is a perfect way to get started. This idea is so simple and easy to implement. What you will need is a large enough container and a saving schedule ( The schedule can be downloaded at the link below). How…

10 Smart Ways To Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Here is a list of 10 upgrades that will make your home looks elegant without breaking the bank. Each project is curated from the net and gives you an idea of what can be done. You can add your own twist to it and each project can be carried out…

natural scent

21 Ways To Make Your House Smell Wonderful

It need not be difficult or costly to make your house smell wonderful. Just using commonly available natural and materials like coffee beans, cinnamon sticks, various citrus fruits and essential oils, you can make your house smell amazing during this holiday seasons or even everyday. What’s more, it is well…