5 Low Budget DIY Home Décor Ideas


DIY Home decor crafts

Decorating your house does not have to cost a lot and whether it is year round décor or decorations for a special event or holiday, there is a wide selection of affordable DIY home décor crafts that will add that special something to your home.

Thus this does away the need for a full-scale remodel to get a different look. A few low budget diy home decor ideas can transform any room in the house with the added satisfaction of knowing that you created it yourself.

Other benefits of taking the DIY route is that this allows you to be creative with what you have. So the next time before you throw away scraps and what seem to be useless stuffs, check out DIY websites for projects that can put to use these items.

Below are some ideas for diy home décor just using available materials from around the house or garden.

1) Left over paints

If you have left over paints, use them to decorate pots or planters to place around the house.Like this video tutorial we found in youtube. This is just one of the many video tutorial we found.

However we are not limited to just planting pots. With vibrant colors or metallic additions, any space can be glammed up. Paint can also be used to add stencils to doors or as decorative borders around a room. Or use them to repaint chairs and tables with vibrant colors to bring plain wood to life.

Another idea is using the paint and some stencils. Any craft store will have a variety of stencils to choose from. So grab some and transform your room and the walls into any scene you want. The wall decors could be inspirational quotes, seasonal images, geometric patterns or your child’s favorite animal, whatever you desire.

2) Wrapping paper and ribbons

Most houses will have wrapping paper and ribbons to spare, hiding away in a closet. Ribbons can be tied around a lampshade or stuck onto plain wooden photo frames to add a dash of color to any room. Wrap different shape boxes or cartons in a variety of vibrantly colored wrapping paper and create your own art display for a cabinet, window or table. More ideas from this video.

3) Candles

If have a decent store of stocked up candles and if not, they can be purchased cheaply at dollar stores. A plain candle can be turned into a picturesque table center piece with a ribbons and some paint. Alternatively print or carve a simple design into the wax, add paint and let light do the rest.


4) Wall Papers

Wallpaper with pictures can be a source of diy room décor item. You can frame them up as a unique picture to be hung on any wall.  A unique personal touch is added to the living room when the wall becomes a center of displaying your DIY crafts. If you are low on picture frames, old CD covers can easily be converted to cool picture frames.

Wooden steps can be brought to life by sticking wallpaper to the front of each step. Not only does this help make it easy to see the steps but they stand out with beauty now.

5) Leaves, Branches, Stones and Pebbles

If the natural feel is what you are going for, collect leaves from the garden in the fall and mount them in decorative patterns to a canvas to place on the wall. The same can be done when the seasons change, so your room always matches the natural beauty surrounding your home.

Collect large stones from the garden or local area and paint with stencils. Placed along the path outside to add art to your garden or inside as a table piece. Painting stones different colors and placing them in the garden also adds a warm and welcome feel for your visitors.

DIY home décor can be fun and easy, whether you find a new use for old supplies or decide to purchase some low cost items. A new coat of paint to some old candlesticks or putting colored sand or stones in mason jars is a simple task that makes a bold new statement.

The Internet is flooded with DIY decoration ideas or you can visit your local arts & crafts store where associates can surely help you with new ideas. All you need is a vision and any room, any garden and any house can be transformed into an uplifting new space.

DIY Home Decor Crafts Ideas