The Internet Goes Nut Over This $100 DIY Industrial Couch

DIY industrial couch Reddit post

Once a while, the internet goes nut over a matter and this is one of them. A German guy, Phil Vandelay recently shared his $100 DIY couch project on the social media platform earlier and people are going nuts about this project.

This is NOT because of the outstanding and amazing quality of the resulting piece of furniture, which he built in his home cum workshop but the price of $100 is some what misleading.

Anyway, he had also shared his work in a video posted to youtube ( see video above ) and this what he said about the project:-

I really wanted a couch for my apartment so I decided to make my own. I happened to have a bunch of stuff (trash) left over that I recycled into this thing, mainly two old mattresses. I used the springs from one of them for additional padding and the foam from another for the cushions. The base is made from reclaimed wood beams I got for free. The only things I bought for this was the steel tubing (45x45x2mm, about 50€) and the fabric for the covers, again about 50€. My friend Leo helped with the layout and sewing for those (thanks!). The end result is super comfy!

So why are people going NUTS about? Well it is because of the $100 cost. This is just the cost of the materials excluding tools. As he is a maker, he already owned/had all the necessary tools to build this sofa. So this DIY project has generated a lot of controversy regarding the use of tools by Phil.

In other words,  this DIY project won’t be within the reach of ordinary folks unless we are able to get hold (like renting) those amazing tools he got. Alternatively if this project can be completed with simpler tools, this will be welcomed too.

Nevertheless it is great work/project and watching the video of how this industrial couch is built is impressive and satisfying.

Additional sources:-

# Photographs of step by step construction of sofa –
# The Reddit thread of this project – i_built_myself_a_couch_for_like_100

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