How to Get Your Child Voiceover Work

Photo Source: Shutterstock

Voiceover acting can be an incredibly exciting and lucrative career, and luckily, there are a lot of opportunities out there right now for children. As a voiceover coach with several students currently starring in Nickelodeon and Disney animation series and national commercials, I can tell you from experience that every child I work with on voiceover projects is having a blast and truly enjoys getting in the booth and embracing the craft. But how do you book an audition and get that voiceover work to begin with? In order to get the work, before you jump right in you must first have a solid acting foundation and the proper tools. 

Start by enrolling your child in acting classes if they’re not already. Having a great acting coach can lead your child to explore a wide range of different characters and can help with articulation and speech as well as work out any speech impediments they may have. Don’t worry though, a lisp is sometimes desired by certain agents for specific types of jobs! Acting classes will ensure that your child explores a variety of voices, proper line delivery, and the ability to play with vocal tones and colors. Many acting schools offer improv classes, which are a great resource for kids to become comfortable making strong choices under pressure and build confidence. Most importantly you’ll want to get them in with a…

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