Here’s How to Decorate Your Walls to Be In A Good Mood Every Day



If you have a blank wall or there is a need to redo the wall decor, here is one article which you can take note of when putting up decoration on the wall. This is a follow up of the other article “Can The Right Home Decor Make You Happier?” As that article had already stated yes, this article is the how to.

Experts like psychiatrists, feng shui experts, and color therapists had been consulted. They were asked for their opinions on how to bring joy to any blank wall. Below were what they said about what to put on your walls to be in a good mood every day.

Here’s What To Put On Your Walls To Be In A Good Mood Every Day

1. It’s all about balance.
Based on Yin and Yang and feng sui principles. Strikes a balance between the 5 elements of fire, metal, wood, earth and water.It is interesting to read the suggestion of using mirrors to represent water.


2. Decide what you want and know that your home can help you get it.
Now this is according to the therapists as they think that a well and rightly decorated walls can be a stress reducer. But you had to first pick on the mood or feeling you want in your space. Once done then select the decorative items for the walls.

3. Throw in some green
Not surprised by this advise as green color is always associated with joy and happiness. So for here think of houseplants or equivalent.


4. Add an element of sound.
Now this is rather unique. Never thought of this. It is a fengsui advise with the intention of pulling in joy-full energy from nature like when a breeze is blowing through the house. So think of wind chimes.

5. When it comes to photos, go with good vibes only.
Only photos that makes you happy and gives you positive good memories.


6. Go for the bold.
It is playing with colors, bright colors to be precised.

Source: Here’s Exactly What To Put On Your Walls To Boost Your Mood – mindbodygreen








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