How Floating Shelves Are Installed

blind shelf support

floating shelf

Floating shelves look cool as they create the illusion that a shelf is floating. This illusion is due to the “absence” of any supporting system.

However, they are not without any support system. They are designed such that the support system is concealed. There are many ways to built and install floating shelves but everyone of the methods involved concealing the support system.



One form of supporting system are metal shelf brackets like those shown above. They are made of sturdy metal and have alloy steel coupling screws to ensure they are strong.

How they are installed are presented in the videos below. It the interior walls are using drywalls, then locating the studs of the drywall is a must for anchoring the metal supports. These metal shelf brackets can be installed in any other surfaces like concrete or brick walls.

We had curated instructional videos below. The first two videos are for installation in drywall while the third one is for concrete wall.

Installing Floating Wall Shelf in DryWall Video 1

Installing Floating Wall Shelf in DryWall Video 2

Installing Floating Wall Shelf in Concrete Wall

Final notes : If you are planning to install floating shelves, first you must decide what it is used for and the type of load it will be carrying. It is best to plan this out on paper before any actual work start even if you are taking the DIY route.