Flavor of the Week: Craftboro

Good beer, good company and a good atmosphere – what more could you want?

Craftboro has all three nailed down. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get to meet their furry employee who loves to greet all the guests.

Located right off of Smith Level Road just outside downtown Carrboro is Craftboro, a new brewery that offers unique craft beer and a great atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Co-founders Amy and Jason McCarter wanted to put a strong emphasis on craft and what it means to create something tangible that many others can enjoy. Founded on the basis of creativity and community, the McCarters joined with brewer extraordinaire Rick Tufts.

For Amy, craft has always been a part of her life. She wants Craftboro to inspire people to be more creative. Craftboro provides many opportunities for this, as coloring books sit on top of every table and DIY projects and local art hanging around the brewery.

While coloring, guests can sit back and enjoy the nine original beers on tap that Craftboro brews in house.

Tufts, the resident craft brewer, is in charge of creating the recipes and experimenting with flavors. This is where Tufts feels at his most creative, when he can experiment with different ingredients when brewing, like chocolate or roasted coffee.

The nine original recipes are created with the intention of teaching people about beer and helping them find their favorite flavors or styles. It was important to the team at Craftboro to offer a variety of brews…

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