et presents various ideas for home entrance decoration

CAIRO – 12 January 2020: Some people may be interested in designing a decoration for the entrance to the main door, where some choose to place different pieces of decor, whether they are pictures, paintings, statues, etc.

In this report, et presents various ideas for decorating the main entrance to the house, according to the spruce website.


It is advised to place different paintings arranged next to each other at the main entrance, placing a table with a vase full of roses to add elegance.Paintings can be replaced by photographs of family members to remember the most beautiful moments of the family.

Panelsand stones

Wood panels and stones can also be used to design a distinctive décor for the entrance, with a wooden bench next to the door and a vase to add elegance and a feeling of warmth.

White color coating


For entrances of small houses, it is preferable to paint the walls in white as it gives a feel of spaciousness, leaving the entrance blank of any decorative pieces.

Putting a mirror in the main entrance to the house


Putting a mirror in the main entrance, and placinga small table with different decorative pieces are considered classic ideas of home decoration.


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