Easy Ways of Cleaning Driftwood Before Use


If you are using driftwoods for your DIY projects, here is the method of cleaning and sanitizing them. This is so that they are safe to use and for placing inside the house.

The first step is after sorting out the ones you like, give them a good brush to remove loose debris and a good rinse with clean water.

Next prepare some soaking water in a bucket. Use 2 cups of bleach per gallon of water (500ml to 4 liters).Soak the driftwoods for 5 days and changing the water every day.

Finally just let all of the wood dry out thoroughly before use. Most pieces will take 1-2 weeks, but larger pieces might take longer. Just be sure it is completely dry before using them for projects.

Find out more about cleaning driftwoods from the source below.

Source: Driftwood cleaning and sanitizing method

And here is another resource of preserving driftwoods by staining it using proper wood vanish and method. Doing so will make the driftwoods last for ages. aybe not forever,but it will be for some time.

Check out the resource below.

How to refinish driftwood in 4 steps to make it last a lifetime using Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish or a wood stain.

Source: How to Refinish Driftwood DIY Driftwood

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