DIY Stained Glass With Glue and Acrylic

DIY Stained Glass

If you have an unused window frame, you may consider doing up this stained glass project. As can be seen from the video, it is not extremely hard to make one. Once you have the framed glass, you will just need to get the folowing items below.

Below are what you need.

#Liquid Glue
#Acrylic Paint
#Print out of flowers or your preference for tracing
#Watercolor brushes
#Cup-cakes baking pan for mixing colors.

Here are the steps.

Step1 – Place the printout behind the glass.
Step2 – Mix black acrylic paint into glue bottle. Stir to ensure a good mix.
Step3 – Trace the outline of the items with the black glue.
Step4 – Let it dry before applying colors. Again mix the required colors with glue too.
Step5 – Paint the colors like any other watercolors.

And you just need to wait till the color dries before display your handiwork :).

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