Creating A Tiled Cement Floor Look With Stencils


Once a while you come across some diy home decoration ideas that are simple but the end results are amazing. They successfully achieved  a stunning make over of the space or the area.
And here is one project that falls into this category. The owner had turned a plain looking concrete porch into something spectacular that makes you want to do the same.
Here are the before and after transformation photos for your reference. The first photos, the bare concrete floor had already been painted in dark grey color.

Once dried, it is time to paint the stencil. When doing this you need to ensure the straightness of each painted stencil.

And here is the end result. Do note how the owner finnish off the stenciling towards the wall.

More shot of the end results.

Our two cents take on this idea.

  1. We think this decoration idea can be applied to walls too.
  2. The paint used can withstand the wear and tear of foot traffic. Painted surface should not be slippery when wet.Thus selection of paint type and surface preparation is important here.

Get more details of this project and how the owner painted the floor at the source below.

Source: Create Cement Tile Look With Stencils

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