Ceiling Painting – A Unique Way to Add Change to Any Room

wall and ceiling

wall and ceiling

Add Uniqueness To Your Room With Ceiling Painting

Did you know that the ceiling is sometime called the fifth wall? And like any walls it too can be painted to create different feel for the room. As what is quoted below:

Many years ago I fell in love with painting the “fifth wall” — the ceiling. If you go dark it creates drama and if you go light it makes the room feel more open. Light blue in particular makes a room feel taller.

So in the next few photos, you get the chance to see how ceiling painting is done by the writer and the change it created. The first  picture is a bathroom before the make over. White walls, white molding and white ceiling. No contrast and feeling bland.

A dramatic change in the powder room

This is the make over and note the contrast between the wall and the ceiling.Feature of the molding really stands out.

A dramatic change in the powder room

However caution by the writer about painting the ceiling:

Painting ceilings isn’t the most fun DIY, but smaller rooms aren’t too bad. Probably why I lean towards bathrooms for this project. 😉 I started by taping off the crown molding and then painting two coats with a brush around the perimeter of the room:

Below is a ceiling painting is in progress. The writer is using a dark color. Also note how the white molding is protected by the green masking tape. Guess there is more preparatory work that goes first before the actual painting starts.

A dramatic change in the powder room
Here is how it looks like after completion of the ceiling painting. The white molding stands out in contrast and looking really good. The ceiling painting really add uniqueness to the room, in this case the bathroom.Actually that’s what the writer wanted.

A dramatic change in the powder room

And if you want to give ceiling painting a try, here are some tips from the writer.

  • If you can use a thicker nap roller it will make for quicker work. The writer used a 3/8 inch and it was fine, but the thicker the better (if you have any kind of texture on your ceiling).
  • Typically ceilings are painted in a flat paint, but it just depends on your preference. Flat minimizes any imperfections and sheen highlights texture or issues.
  • If you’re painting a larger room the writer recommend using a pole on your roller with a roller cover.
  • The writer don’t always think that a dark ceiling makes a room feel smaller, but it will create much more contrast, which can be jarring. It will definitely become a focal point — it just depends on what you want for the space!
  • The ceilings the writer painted are nine feet to eight foot tall.

Here is an awesome roller cover that prevents paint from getting all over the room.


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