7 Simple and Fun Halloween Crafts To Make in 2017



There are different Halloween craft activities that are simple and fun for the whole family. They can create vampires, ghosts, zombies, bats, and other creepy things and when they are done they can use what they have made to decorate their homes. They can also make edible crafts that can be eaten when they are done. This means they are enjoying it and are proud of what they have created.

The best decorations are handmade. A Halloween decoration does not have to be expensive and can be created from household items.  White plastic polythene paper and old sheets can become ghosts. Egg cartons can be turned into bats or spiders. Tombstones can be made from cardboard boxes.

Choose every craft activity carefully and with a little imagination and creativity. At the end of the day it is all about having fun doing so.

Here are 7 popular and simple Halloween craft ideas to get you started. Each had a selected video tutorial to show how to make the items.

1.Spiders lurking about

Certainly, it isn’t Halloween without spiders. One of the simplest Halloween crafts activity uses eggs cartons to create spiders. The spiders are made by placing a cup upside down then painting it black. Add scary eyes to the insect’s body and then add black pipe cleaners to create legs. These can be hung around the house or from shelves. A video of a simple spider making tutorial is provided below.

2.Specimen jars

Actually, this is a very cheap craft and something anyone can participate in, even adults. Purchase a few glass jars at the dollar store, fill them with water and then add the “specimen”. Stuff such as crazy teeth and funny eyeballs make cute, simple and funny specimen jars. If you prefer something more frightening consider using cauliflower for marinated brains. See below video for making one simple specimen jars. Just use your creativity to create different specimen jars.

3.Halloween Luminaries

Made from large milk containers or other similar containers, Halloween luminaries can be both indoor and outdoor decorations. Draw a pumpkin face, a bat or a witch and then cut out the shape you have drawn. Glue the shape onto the jar. Add sand the bottom for stability (optional) of the jar and place a tiny light inside. A row of these creates a beautiful walkway lining that greets the trick. Have a look at these two videos.

4.Tissue Ghosts

Tissue ghosts are one of the Halloween crafts that can be done by just anybody. Take a piece of Kleenex and fold it together to form a bulb at the top with its bottom spreading out (just like a ghost looks like). Take a rubber band and tie tight the bulb. Finally, mark in a mouth, a nose, and eyes using a black magic marker. Make many of these and hang them in areas where your loved ones least expect to see them.

5.Q-Tip Skeleton

Another great Halloween craft idea for kids is a Q-tip Skeleton. Take a white paper and cut out a skull from it. You can choose to draw the nose, mouth, and eyes or cut them out. Make the skeleton’s body using the Q-tips and then arrange the Q-tips on a black construction paper in a way they can form ribs, arms and legs. Once you are finished with the skeletal arrangement, use white glue to glue the Q-tips to the paper. Allow it to dry.

6.Balloon Ghost

Using just balloons and black marker paints to draw ghost faces on the balloons. Make a number of them and hang them around the porch to form a pack of scary ghosts. There are tons of ballon ghost projects in youtube and here is just one of them.


Using just some black paper, trace the shape of a bat onto it and draw the eyes with a white paint maker or just glue ready-made eyes for dolls onto it. Make enough bats to form a colony which is great for decorating the front door or stairways like those shown in the two photos below. The video below shows how to make a simple bat.

When you made enough bats, you can decorate them like these two examples below.

Bat colony beside the stairs.

Bat decoration at the front door.

Photo source from : Womansday.com

Halloween is an ideal time for you to look for craft activities that can be pursued by your entire family. A successful online research can reward you with thousands of Halloween crafts for projects that inexpensive and easy to implement.