7 Awesome Tree Branch Décor Ideas



A common trend these days in interior design is the concept of tree branch décor. There are so many fascinating ways to implement them and make your home even more beautiful. The best part is you can get them online or in brick-and-mortar stores, and completely transform their look by spray painting, sanding, and so on. You can create a plethora of items such as chandeliers, candle holders, key holders, coat racks, jewelry holders and so on.

1) Personalize Closet Space
Change the way you organize clothing as a branch can double as a rod for hanging your clothes on. All you have to do is find a branch that is straight, without nodules if possible. Cut off small twigs on it and hang in your dressing room. As an example like the photo below.


source :-Pinterest

2) Partitioning Space
If your kitchen and living room are right next to each other, you can create an interesting partition to distinctly mark both rooms. Using tree branches create a wall between them – it enhances aesthetic appeal when you attach the branches to the counters and cabinets.


source :- Pinterest

3) Bedroom Decor
Branches are particularly nice decorations for the bedroom because they help create a very serene and relaxing atmosphere, like in the middle of nature. Place the branches right above the bed, and paint them golden or silver for a more modern look.


source :- Pinterest

4) Wall Art
A truly beautiful branch can easily become a stunning focal point in a room. Mount it on a wall and emphasize its beauty with lighting and background color.


source :- Pinterest

5) Centerpieces
Find some twigs and cut them to ensure all are of the same length. Take a glass vase and glue them to it one by one. Put a candle or small LED lamp inside so the light and its intensity is controlled by the twigs.


source :- Pinterest

6) Branch Lamp
A branch lamp could be made of a single long branch with a light dangling from its end – the idea is simple but makes a bold statement. You can use it like a reading lamp or even as a way to illuminate your bedroom. Another way to create branch maps is to tie little lights or candles to the branches.


source :- Pinterest

7) Tree Branch Jewelry Holder
Branches are great for hanging tire swings, but they are also incredible jewelry displays. Add a clamp to keep it in place and you are all set to display your jewelry collection in the most innovative fashion.


source :- Pinterest

Tree branch décor is the latest rage, so what are you waiting for? Join in and start decorating!

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