5 Unique Christmas Decoration Ideas For Your Home

christmas wreath

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas can be a tiring time to decorate the house mainly because you need to choose the best decorations to set the right festive mood. With guests pouring in, your first instinct would be to make your house look as bright as it can.

But there are several details that you could add which would give your house a unique Christmas decoration that your guests will not stop talking about. And the best part about these details is that it does not cost a lot to incorporate them.

If you are wondering how to decorate for Christmas then we have a few starter tips.

1) Double Wreath

Single wreaths on the door are too cliched. Hang two wreaths, one below another to make for a bright and cheerful entryway into your house. If you have a small door, then go for a couple of smaller wreaths.

2) Wreath Magic

Alternatively, you can make your own Christmas wreath in a few steps. On a wreath, you can add a few embellishments and ornaments in between. Likewise, you could also highlight parts of the wreaths with glow in the dark paint so your door appears illuminated even under dim light. Buying a sturdy wreath can leave you with the best option of gold painting the whole thing and throwing some bling on the door.

3) Fairy Lights

Fairy lights and string lights have the capacity to transform any space. If you have translucent curtains, you could lay a few fairy lights amidst them to create soft light entering the room. Decorations for Christmas can start with simple day to day items that could create beautiful interiors. Another option to illuminate any living space is to hang a series of string lights and use a white curtain to cover them to create a firefly or magical effect within your house.

4) Color play

Don’t let all your table ware be of the same color. Bring in red and green combinations of tableware because it is the season of joy! While setting your table you could choose votives and candles that are of the same color combinations to create a cheerful setting. Table setting during Christmas can come with a whole lot of scented candles too!

christmas colorful table

5) Organize your bar and snacking unit

Allow guests to serve themselves. Organize a bar counter or a trolley with decorations all over. You could also keep a tray full of goodies for them to binge on. Alternatively, you could intertwine garlands and string lights together or put in Christmas ornaments in a glass jar to add a pop of colour amidst all the treats.

Thus these are the 5 unique ideas for your consideration if you are looking for ideas for decoration for Christmas this year. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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