5 Creative Things to Do With Your Fall Leaves That Don’t Involve Mulching

Autumn is the most bittersweet of seasons; it’s invigorating when the leaves begin to turn color—and a bit crushing when, seemingly a few short days later, they all start to fall. And don’t get us started on all the raking and mulching that follow.

But we’ve got a way for you to do less yardwork and enjoy the beauty of this fleeting season a little longer: You can turn those dry, dying leaves into beautiful autumn decor!

Yes, that’s right—rather than blowing your leaves into oblivion or tossing them in the compost pile, you can consider a more crafty approach. All you need are some vibrant-colored leaves, a few simple supplies, and a sunny, crisp autumn afternoon to get crafty.

Ready to dive in (to a pile of leaves)? Here are some ideas for one-of-a-kind DIY decor that you can enjoy all season long.

1. Real fall wreaths

Nothing rings in the season quite like a fall wreath on the front door, just like this gorgeous one we spied on the home of @coffeepancakesdreams.

Make the most out of your fall leaf collection by gathering up the best ones, and then follow along with this tutorial from blogger Bren Did on how to make your own.

All you’ll need for this easy-peasy project are colorful leaves, some cardboard, and a pair of scissors.

2. Paint & press leaf towels

The adorable fall-themed dish towels in stores this time of year are oh-so-tempting. But we’ve got something more affordable (and in our opinion, better) in mind: Make your own custom tea towels! For…

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