3 easy DIY holiday decor ideas from a style blogger

Minneapolis DIY style blogger Erin Francois, author of francoisetmoi.com, says she comes from “a long line of makers,” including a grandmother and mother with abundant drawing and sewing talent. Francois’ youthful love of playing with craft materials eventually led to a degree in interior design and a job applying her skills to commercial spaces.

After she and her husband bought a 1930s Tudor, Francois blogged about their extensive (and very hands-on) renovation process and how she imprinted the home with what she describes as her “handmade modern” style. Furnishings and accessories that feel personal and cozy — a vintage Persian rug, faux fur throws, a live-edge walnut bench — are layered on a clean, contemporary backdrop of white walls, cabinetry and tile.

Charming holiday decor can be as simple as grouping candles – or wrapping them with bundles of lavender, as seen here. Photo Getty Images

The house is full of Francois’ DIY items, including a blanket ladder made from closet rods, a repurposed thrift store coffee table and a radiator cover that lends sophisticated polish to a once-drab foyer.
When it comes to holiday decor, Francois taps her Scandinavian heritage to practice hygge, the art of savoring simple pleasures. That means incorporating natural elements (winter greenery, berry branches), using everyday, utilitarian materials in unexpected ways (paper bag hanging stars), and plenty of candles (including ones she created by rolling beeswax…

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