12 Dollar Tree Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for Tight Budget

Thanksgiving décor becomes so essential to add warmth and charm. The days before pinterest, people look for ideas of thanksgiving décor simply by using their imagination.

They put some branches in a vase or hung up a wreath, then they called it good.

Of course today we want more, and luckily you can find to thanksgiving décor ideas from pinterest and internet.

The ideas are very helpful for people with lack DIY skills like me, and for sure it will be pretty easy.

Even if you have only 12 dollars, you can create an outstanding thanksgiving décor thanks to clever bloggers.

Here we have best 12 dollar tree thanksgiving décor ideas to help creating pinterest-worthy home look without breaking the bank.

1. Buy a little copper spray paint and prepare a pumpkin plastic. Then transform it into an eye-catching plastic pumpkins. It will be an elegant centerpiece in your home.

2. For the craft-impaired people like me and you, this fall candle centerpiece looks pretty easy yet great result, just try it here!


3. You also will love how the wine glasses are transformed into double-duty centerpiece. It is elegant and versatile.


4. If you have unused mason jar vases at home, it is the time to transform it into stunning centerpiece. They are perfect to pair with sunflowers and other kind of fall foliage. Try it here!


5. Simply prepare a gold glitter spray, and buy some plastic pears. This beautiful centerpiece even can be pretty easy even for us who are lack of craft skills.


6. Make a pretty…

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