10 Smart Ways To Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking The Bank


Here is a list of 10 upgrades that will make your home looks elegant without breaking the bank. Each project is curated from the net and gives you an idea of what can be done. You can add your own twist to it and each project can be carried out over the week ends.

1) Change/Wrap the cheap curtain rings for a simple upgraded look.

curatin rings

Source : momtastic.com

2) Decorate your cabinets using washi tape

washi tape idea

Source : Up to Date Interiors.

3) Framed up postcards or magazine covers to create a gallery wall.


Source : diynewlyweds.com

4) Add a few decorative pillows to make your bed feel like it’s in a luxury hotel.


Get your guide at this source : matouk.com

5) Nail stained planks to your headboard to create a  look fabulous for your bed

wooden planks head board

Source : BuzzFeed.com.

6) For an instant industrial look, paired floating shelves with L-brackets


Source : wearethebrauns.com

7) Hide away any tangled or exposed wires leading to your Flat TVs.


Source : freshcrush.com

8) Hide ugly exposed pipes with faux plants.

fake ivi hide pipes

Source : etsy.com

9) Glue Mirrors to cabinets doors.


Source : midwestcottageandfinds.com

10) Paint False Windows to Garage Doors.

fale-windowson garage doors

Source : apinterestaddict.com

And here are two more upgrade ideas as a bonus.

11) Use eye snap hook to tie back the curtains.


Source : theblackbird.co.nz

12) Add card-holder pulls to cabinets drawers to achieved an immediate makeover look.

Name Cards Holder


Source : windgatelane.com