10 Plants for Bedroom Decoration and Helping You to Sleep Better Too

10 plants that purify the air

10 plants that purify the air
All of us, one time or the other had our share of sleepless nights. Those are the nights when we turned and tossed in bed all night, feeling restless and unable to sleep. Prolong insufficient sleep can be bad for health. If affects us in every aspects – from mood, energy level, performance and making us easily aggravated and always in a foul mood.

Well what are ways that can help us to sleep better?

If one were to search online there are many suggestion from drinking warm milk to numerous other routines. Here we would like to suggest a natural method, that is the use of plants. These are not just any plants but specific plants which studies had been done.

Why plants and how can they help?

Well before answering this question, lets take a look at factors that may affect your sleep. The factors are both external and internal.External, means the environment of the bedroom. There may be air pollution, odors and molds which some of us are sensitive too and also affect our breathing. Thus having difficulty in breathing is surely impossible to have a good night’s sleep seem.

Then internally, we may be having stress from work or suffering form anxiety which again causing one to have difficulty sleeping.

So the good news is plants is a solution to the above problem. By placing certain plants in the bedroom, they have the capability of purifying the air. In addition, their presence have a calming effect as it is been shown that being with nature is therapeutic and in this case it is stress reduction. Thus placing plants in the bedroom is in a way bringing nature indoors.

Therefore since plants have calming and purifying benefits, they can help to promote better sleep. In addition to their beneficial characteristics, placing plants is definitely a way to decorate and beautify the bedroom or any living space. Thus they make excellent bedroom decoration.

Here is the list of 10 plants to help you sleep better. They are chosen based on their calming and air purifying capability. And not forgetting they look great too.

No1 : Aloe Vera
The incredible Aloe is an amazing plant that has many uses. One of its capability is that it emits oxygen at night thus helps in making better sleeping. It is a hardy plant and easy to grow and maintain. However, remember to place it near the window as it need lots of sunlight. And by the way, NASA listed it as one of the top air improving plant.

No 2 : Bamboo Palm
bamboo_palm _plant
Alternatively known as Reed Palm, it is a fantastic air purifier. Thus you get to enjoy pure fresh air but more importantly a good night sleep. Being a tropical plant,the Bamboo Palm will gives your bedroom,a warm tropical feel. Again an easy plant to care. It just need sufficient moisture in the soil and indirect sunlight.

No 3 : English Ivy
The plant is on the left of the above photo with triangular leaves with white outline.This another one of NASA’s top plants for purifying the air. A simple plant to grow and just needs moderate exposure to sunlight. Apparently through its purifying capability, this plant has been shown to improve symptoms of allergies or asthma. Thus it is definitely a plant to have to get a good night sleep. However when placing this plant in the bedroom, it is best to use a hanging basket. And also keep it out of reach from pets and children.

No 4 : Jasmine
This special plant has a soothing, calming effect on the body and mind. A study had shown that it is able to reduce anxiety levels,therefore leading to better quality sleep. Furthermore the blooming Jasmine flowers add a nice decorative touch to the bedroom.

No 5 : Lavender
This plant is probably one of the most famous plants when it comes to helping ones to sleep and reducing anxiety levels. The the well known and well loved lavender scents had shown to slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure and levels of stress. Furthermore having a lavender place in the bedroom accentuate the beauty of the room.

No 6 : Snake Plant (The Mother-in-law’s tongue)
Like the aloe vera, this is another well known plant that can purify the air. It emits oxygen at night time at the same time removing carbon dioxide, so this leads to a cleaner air quality and a good sleep. It is also another easy to care for plant.

No 7: Spider Plant
This plant is also a cleanser of air. In addition to purifying the air, it will also absorb smells and fumes as well maintaining the oxygen levels in the room, thus helping one to sleep better. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep one of these plants around the house and the bedrooms.

No 8 : Valerian
The flowers of this plant are sweetly scented pink or white. Ancient Romans had used the root as tea as a prescription for insomnia. Modern studies hand shown that inhaling the scent of this plant will help one to fall asleep faster. Again having one of this plants in the bedroom is a nice decoration addition. Keep this plant near the windows as it loves sunlight.

No 9 : Peace Lily
This is another plant in NASA’s list which can help to filter and purify the air. Furthermore the plant can help to increase a room’s moisture which helps in breathing better, thus a better sleep. Place this plant in a shady place, water it weekly and keep it out of reach from pets and children.

No 10 : Golden Pothos
This is another plant in NASA’s list of air purifying plant. It has distinctive marbled and heart shaped leaves. It is an easy to maintain plant which needs a couple of hours of sun light and weekly watering. So is best kept beside the bedroom windows by hanging it like the English Ivy. Again keep it out of reach of children and pets.

When Adding Plants to Your Home, here are a few things to take note of:

  • Always check if they are toxic to children and animals to ensure they are suitable for your family.
  • Do wipe the leaves weekly or so to ensure the plants can do their job efficiently and effectively.
  • Have a selection of good mix of those that purify the air and those that induce sleep through their scent for optimum results. NASA recommend between 15 and 18 air-purifying plants in an 1800 square foot home, with a few of these in each bedroom.

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